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Kali Ana Au

New music out now!

Celebrated throughout the world, Bob Marley is an iconic representation of love, intentional cultural revival, standing up for good, and intense reformation of the mind.  In addition, he and The Wailers were an incredible force of musicians and lyricists to be reckoned with, and we are grateful for the opportunity to "reimagine" Bob's classic "Waiting In Vain" by releasing our newest single "Kali Ana Au (Waiting In Vain)"  in our Native Hawaiian Language. 

Behind the music

All music has a story, and we asked @cydee_gurl to share her mana'o behind "Heaven Only Knows".  There are so many things in life that bind us in the human experience.  Loss is one of those things... and it can bring you to your knees if you are not ready for it.  Watching the Kamakeas walk through this experience reminds us to slow down and take advantage of the time that we have to spend together.

There is a plan and a purpose unto heaven... if you sit with her you would understand.  She has a joy that seems to shine from a place that, to the untrained eye, would seem unrealistic.  Her trust in Jesus and her ability to surrender that part of her life to God gives so many people hope.  Do we see her cry?  Yes.  But we see her laugh so much more.  

Watch the story, and you'll understand.

We miss you @imurock for so many reasons.  Your laugh.  Your 'ano.  Your humor.  The way you supported Cyd from day one.  How you loved her, Ko'olau, and how you loved people.  We saw you change from broken to whole, and are so proud to know in confidence that you are in the presence of the most high God, wrapped in love and grace.  Until we meet again, brother... rest easy. 

🎥 @jahchong

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