The Vitals 808 EP Vol. 3 is here, featuring 6 new songs. Check it out our music page now!

New Seasons 

We wanted to send our gratitude to all of our fans, friends, and family for your support over the last  years!  It has been an awesome journey, and we are looking forward to continuing to strive for excellence in our music!  We'd like to say aloha to our homie Nainoa, who recently got married to his lovely bride Kayla!  He will be pursuing a new life on the Big Island real soon, and so we wish him the best of luck with his new life, although he will always be missed.  We always say "once a Vital, always a Vital"... and we love each person who we have ever been privileged to play alongside on and off stage!

With that said, we are stoked to introduce Asaiah Scott, who will be joining us as vocalist alongside Cyd, Keahi, and Ata Boy.  We are excited for the energy that Asaiah will bring to the mix... stay tuned for our newest single "Rock and Sway", featuring Mahkess and Kapu System!

#stayblessed #bevital

The Vitals EP Vol. II is out NOW! 

Our new EP is now available on iTunes, Spotify, and all digital outlets!  With five new original tracks, we hope that you enjoy the music that we have created and that we can be a part of your lives through our message!  Follow us on IG and FB for updates on upcoming shows!

Leave a message for us below, and let us know what you think of the music!

Stay Away Video on youtube now! 

A special mahalo to Justyn Ah Chong & 'Oiwi TV for their dedication to this project.  Check out the lyrics to the song here.
We would like to thank Paepae 'o He'eia and everyone who lent their time to making this video possible.  We truly believe in the message of this song and hope that you will share it with the people you love.

"To all my maka'ainana, He ali'i no keia 'aina!"

Mahalo Piha, The Vitals 808

"Stay Away" album available now! 

Our new album is available NOW on the music tab, or check us out on iTunes, Google Play, and other digital music outlets on November 17th! Physical CDs and merchandise will be up on our website soon!

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