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"Ho'a" Worldwide Live Release (Friday, August 21st)

Ho'a The Vitals 808

Join us for a private LIVE Zoom Party on Friday, August 21, 2020 at 7:30 pm as we celebrate our worldwide release of "Ho'a", live and direct (and socially distant) from Waimanalo, O'ahu.  Limited to 200 registrants, click on the button above to reserve your spot.  

Ho'a: Our Newest Single In The Making

"Hōʻā - vt. To set on fire, burn, or ignite" 

We've been hard at work working on our newest single, "Hōʻā", written and performed by Keahi Piʻiʻōhiʻa.  The song gives us an opportunity to honor our Aloha 'Aina warriors and to remind our community that it is NEVER to late to start making a difference.  Whether you are starting a garden at home, volunteering with Sustainable Coastlines, voting for the right political candidate, cutting out chemicals from your cleaning products, making the choice to clean up after yourself (AND your surrounding area) when you visit the beach or a local park, or recycling your cans and bottles- we hope that this song inspires you to just TAKE THE FIRST STEP.  Stop Thinking. Start Doing.

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