From the recording Stay Away

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Written by Cyd Kamakea


Tell me why, his mem'ry's fading away
I told him not to go out that day
And I cried, with flowers at the roadside
I bow my head and I start to pray
A little drink, a little drive, there on a road that's just a mile
This tragedy's in my hometown
Now listen here, I tell the truth, we got to raise up our youth
We find a way to turn it around

Kahalu'u's crying tonight
Can you feel the pain in her eyes?
Kahalu'u's crying tonight
I feel her heart break up in the sky
Kahalu'u's raining today
As she watches her children fall away
Kahalu'u's children, they're lying in the street, Lord
Won't somebody tell me why?

I passed a friend the other day as we walked through the park
You know he didn't look so good
And I saw things in his stare that revealed me the truth
He wasn't doing things that he should
So I told him, yeah, you know that it's not right
The way you make your mother cry
He said "I do what I can
You know I try and I try but I
Just can't get by"


Cause Kane'ohe's crying
Kai(a)lua's crying
Waimanalo's holding back the stars in the sky
No more fuss, no fightin
Hawaiians uniting
Cause we can make it if we open our eyes

Turn back to the light
You never give up the fight
You know you got to got to find your own way
Because the youth, said the natty natty youth
Said the children them-a falling away


Lu'ulu'u Kahalu'u i ka ua nui
Lu'ulu'u Kahalu'u i ka ua nui
Lu'ulu'u Kahalu'u i ka ua nui
Lu'ulu'u Kahalu'u i ka ua nui