1. Natural Woman

From the recording Stay Away

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Written by Cyd Kamakea


Take a step back now, won't you try
Replay that scene back in your mind
Remember everything you say, it makes a difference in
How I feel about you in a day

Cause I'm a natural woman
I'm as pure in soul and body as can be
I'm a natural woman
So you're naturally attracted, yes, to me

I know you think about me when you're all alone
You relive every second of my song
But get a grip boy, it's just a little trip
Infatuation doesn't last for very long


Because you're naturally and hopelessly addicted to my energy
But darling, don't make that mistake
It's just a silly thing you say to me, my darling you are killing me
Don't go down that way

I'm not the kind of lady that you think I am
I'm someone's lover, and he's my best friend
Don't make no enemy, just back your eyes away from me
It's better that you do this in the end


I didn't mean, to make you fall in love with me
I never wanted it to end up this way
I thought that we could live in perfect harmony
Ebony and ivory
Guess it wasn't meant to be

You make me feel
Oh so natural
You know I wanna be
Oh so sweet
You make me feel
Oh so natural